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  • India bans oil trade with ISIS-linked organizations

    India Tuesday banned trade with ISIS-linked entities in oil and other products, complying with a U.N. resolution to act against militants active in oil-rich countries such as Iraq, Syria and Libya.

  • Photos: Holy Month of Ramadan in Indonesia

    Indonesia has been known for having diverse cultures and traditions. There are lots of customs for welcoming the holy month of Ramadan.

  • Iran Strongly Condemns Saudi Airstrikes on UN Compound in Yemen

    Iran's foreign ministry spokeswoman strongly condemned a Saudi-led coalition airstrike that seriously damaged a Development Program office of the United Nations in southern Yemen, and voiced serious concerns over the deteriorating situation in the war-hit country.

  • ISIS Booby-Traps Copies of Holy Quran in Diyala, Iraq

    After capturing the main ISIL base in the Eastern Diyala province, Iraqi security forces found a series of Qurans (Muslims holy book) which were booby-trapped with explosives by the rebels, Head of the security committee in Diyala Sadeq Hosseini said.