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  • Taliban kill 11 Afghan police in attack on checkpoints in Helmand

    (AhlulBayt News Agency) - Taliban terrorists attacked checkpoints in the southern Helmand province early Sunday, killing 11 police, an official said.

  • Senior PKK terrorist killed in eastern Turkey

    (AhlulBayt News Agency) - A senior PKK terrorist sought with a 1 million Turkish lira ($258,000) bounty was killed in a counter-terrorism operation in eastern Turkey, the local governorship said on Sunday.

  • Iran's Velayati: Separation wall signifies Israel's weakness

    (AhlulBayt News Agency) - Iranian Supreme Leader's top aide for international affairs Ali Akbar Velayati downplayed the importance of Israel's attempts to establish alliance with a number of Saudi-led Arab states against Iran, saying Israel is so fragile and vulnerable that it has built walls to protect itself.

  • Turkey wants to open embassy in East Jerusalem: Erdogan

    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan on Dec. 17 said Turkey wants to open an embassy in East Jerusalem al-Quds, following a decision by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to recognize East Jerusalem al-Quds as the capital of the Palestinian state.