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  • Israeli occupation gains no legitimacy, resistance to continue: Hezbollah

    Stressing that the Israeli occupation will never gain legitimacy in the Palestinian territories, Hezbollah on the occasion of Land Day vowed that the path of resistance will continue.

  • Iran marks 41st anniversary of Islamic Republic Day

    Today is the 41st anniversary of announcing the Islamic Republic as Iran’s ruling system after people overwhelmingly voted in favor of this establishment in a nationwide referendum.

  • Saudi warplanes drop suspicious masks on Yemen

    The Yemen's Ministry of Public Health and Population condemned the aggressions' warplanes by dropping "masks" and other items on Al-Hali district of Hodeidah governorate and Khamis Bani Sa'ad district of Al-Mahweet Governorate, warning against contact with any materials that were dropped by the aggression.

  • Iran derides Trump for America First slogan, saying it led to plight of Americans

    Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi on Tuesday derided US president for 'America First' slogan, saying that Trump led the US to plight of the people, adding that trillions of dollars which have been spent for intervention in the Middle East would have been spent for the US public health infrastructure in a way not to see misery of medics wearing trash bag and COVID19 patients in despair.